Aasemoon on 16/08/2009

Thanks for your note historybuff. =) And very interesting paper you’ve linked to here!

historybuff on 16/08/2009

Thought you would find this interesting – sitting in Mumbai I find your site quite fascinating…cheers

Aasemoon on 07/08/2008


aMUSiC on 07/08/2008

New ASD demo in the hood. It won Euskal =)

Optimus on 03/07/2008

True entries from intel competition finally out!

Aasemoon on 01/06/2008

@ Trick: Exactly! ;)

Trick on 31/05/2008

Perfect damage prevention. :-)

Aasemoon on 16/05/2008

@Liam: It’s just the cover. The actual release date it July 29th. =)

Liam on 16/05/2008

Hey is the Continuum out already? Or was it just the cover?

Sye on 13/05/2008

Still waiting… I don’t know what the guy is going.

Dean on 22/04/2008

That new Ixian page is damn cool. I have no clue how it works but it’s so totally tomorrow! :D

René on 21/04/2008

Hey birthday girl! How’s 25 so far? :) Wish you a very happy birthday, and a very happy year ahead.

Kay on 21/04/2008

Happyyyy Birthday Aasemoon. Have fun. =)

J.S. on 20/04/2008

Happy Bday Aasemoon! :]

Soren on 19/04/2008

Happy Birthday! =)

Minz on 25/03/2008

Heyya, Oana just gave me your website address. It’s one of the most beautiful websites I’ve seen. And your photography rules. Upload those drawings if you can. :) Take care!

Erdo on 11/03/2008

WoW, your website is turning into the ultimate resource center for any techno-nerd. Way cool! :)

Duncan on 08/03/2008

Hi Aasemoon, did you just update Verse? It looks and works a lot better now. =)

Tim on 07/03/2008

The link thing is pretty useful. :)

Oana on 06/03/2008

Cool! :D

Aasemoon on 03/03/2008

Oana, I just added your Q and it’s A. =)

Oana on 03/03/2008

Hey Aase, I have a Q for your Q&A. :) What is your zodiac sigh? I would like to know your zodiac personality characteristics.

genox on 02/03/2008

well, it’s supposed to work now. =)

tech support on 02/03/2008

this is a test. it’s working? we’‘’‘’‘’‘ll see!

Aasemoon on 02/03/2008

Fixing my momz computer! =P

Lee on 02/03/2008

Hey Aasemoon, whats up?

Sye on 01/03/2008

The new links page is pretty cool!

Greg on 29/02/2008

Well, lady, I can not say I know what you just did, but the system works now! Cheers to that brain of yours!

Paulo on 29/02/2008

And it has your face on the lookout! Heeeeeeee :)

Kay on 29/02/2008